Is God Calling You?

One of the things that Catholics believe is that God calls everyone to some vocation, some specific way of living out holiness. It could be as a married person, a single person, a priest or vowed religious  – a nun.

So the answer to the question is that God IS calling you. The next question you need to answer is this: to what way of life is God calling you.  Do you think God might be directing you to think about becoming a nun?

Here are some questions to think about if you sense that God is calling:

  • Do you feel a yearning to serve others?
  • Does your heart feel drawn to prayer?
  • Do you desire to join with others in making a difference?
  • Do you value Catholicism and its contribution to history?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, God might be calling you to vowed life.

When you’re facing a major life change, it helps to talk to someone who’s already been through it.NPR’s  All Things Considered is connecting people on either side of a shared experience, and they’re letting us eavesdrop on their conversations in their series Been There.


Spend a few minutes watching this video clip explaining how to discern a call from God. If you want more information, write to us or by texting us at 330.301.6891.


Do I Have A Call?

Here are some questions to help you discern if you have a call to be a nun.

What Is the Difference Between Decision Making and Discernment?
Discernment and decision making are distinctly different yet related approaches to responding to God’s call. Decision makers define the problem, gather data, analyze options, weigh  pros and cons, then cut away all choices but one. While other people may be consulted, the power of choice lies basically in the hands of the decision maker.

This is appropriate for many kinds of decisions, such as making a major purchase or deciding which college to attend.

It might seem as if this is also appropriate for making a decision about becoming a nun. Someone who is considering becoming a nun might analyze personal strengths and weaknesses, evaluate the fit with various job descriptions in the church, then decide to become a nun.

However, when asking if you should become a nun, you really engage in the act of discernment. The word discernment comes from the Latin root “dis,” meaning apart and “cernere,” meaning to sift. Discernment then is the practice of sifting apart. Read on

How Do I Become a Nun?
How do I become a nun?  The steps for entering a Religious Community are less familiar than the steps for getting married.  We’ll describe the process for incorporation into a Religious Community by making some analogies between that and getting married.

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