Is God Calling You?

One of the things that Catholics believe is that God calls everyone to some vocation, some specific way of living out holiness. It could be as a married person, a single person, a priest or vowed religious  – a nun.

So the answer to the question is that God IS calling you. The next question you need to answer is this: to what way of life is God calling you.  Do you think God might be directing you to think about becoming a nun?

Here are some questions to think about if you sense that God is calling:

  • Do you feel a yearning to serve others?
  • Does your heart feel drawn to prayer?
  • Do you desire to join with others in making a difference?
  • Do you value Catholicism and its contribution to history?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, God might be calling you to vowed life.

When you’re facing a major life change, it helps to talk to someone who’s already been through it.NPR’s  All Things Considered is connecting people on either side of a shared experience, and they’re letting us eavesdrop on their conversations in their series Been There.


Spend a few minutes watching this video clip explaining how to discern a call from God. If you want more information, write to us or by texting us at 330.301.6891.


Do I Have A Call?

Here are some questions to help you discern if you have a call to be a nun.

What Is the Difference Between Decision Making and Discernment?
Discernment and decision making are distinctly different yet related approaches to responding to God’s call. Decision makers define the problem, gather data, analyze options, weigh  pros and cons, then cut away all choices but one. While other people may be consulted, the power of choice lies basically in the hands of the decision maker.

This is appropriate for many kinds of decisions, such as making a major purchase or deciding which college to attend.

It might seem as if this is also appropriate for making a decision about becoming a nun. Someone who is considering becoming a nun might analyze personal strengths and weaknesses, evaluate the fit with various job descriptions in the church, then decide to become a nun.

However, when asking if you should become a nun, you really engage in the act of discernment. The word discernment comes from the Latin root “dis,” meaning apart and “cernere,” meaning to sift. Discernment then is the practice of sifting apart. Read on

How Do I Become a Nun?
How do I become a nun?  The steps for entering a Religious Community are less familiar than the steps for getting married.  We’ll describe the process for incorporation into a Religious Community by making some analogies between that and getting married.


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  1. Get to know the sisters in your community. Volunteer with them. You will learn about their life. Then, talk with them about your discernment.

  2. Get to know the sisters in your community. Volunteer with them. You will learn about their life. Then, talk with them about your discernment.

  3. Hello I am 19 years old and have grown up in the church and I’ve been praying long and hard and I have received several signs that I am supposed to be a nun. How do I start that process?

  4. I’m not sure how to become a nun but I feel like God wants me to do this but I’m not sure…I’m only 16 and I have no idea what nuns even do besides walking around in robes assisting priests…can I actually make a living by being a nun?

  5. I’m curious. What actually happens when a nun takes her vows? What service etc?

  6. We suggest that you pursue a college degree. While in college, get to know some Sisters in your area. Volunteer with them. This will help you discern God’s call.

  7. Dear Sister,
    I’m 17 and I am thinking about becoming a nun when I turn 18 but, I really want to go to college to get a good education. One of the biggest questions I have is, if I become a nun at the minimum age of 18, can I go to college while being a nun or do I have to go to college first and then become a nun?

  8. well Leah, I think you need to get to know a few sisters in your region; offer a few hours of service with them. Get to know And also enjoy life! First steps. Some communities of sisters allow pets. Good luck and God bless.them.

  9. Dear Sister,
    I am only 13 years old and I feel a very strongly that God wants me to become a nun. I adore prayer, already live very simply, dress very modestly, love serving others, and wish to love and serve God on a higher level. I know you have to be 18 to enter the convent, but is there any way I could maybe start at an earlier age? And are you aloud pets in the Convent?

    Thank you for your help!

  10. if you let us know where you live, we can direct you to the right folks

  11. Hello Sister,
    I truly believe i have been called to be a nun and serve other’s. I am 25 years old and I truly want to dedicate my life to serve him. I would like to receive more information to begin the process.

  12. Hello I’m only 12 years old and I would like too become a nun but do you have too be a cirtian age and also I have friends in school and I have told them that I want too. But they for some reason don’t want me too be one that’s what it seems anyway can y’all help me out

  13. Katie, get to know the Sisters in your city. Volunteer with them. This is a good way to see what Sisters do and give you insight into their prayer and community life.

  14. Hi Sister, my name is Kate and I’m pretty sure Gods calling me to become a nun! I am only 16 I don’t know where to start. I know you can’t become a nun until you are 18. Is their anything I can do at this age to prepare for my vocation? And could you tell me what nuns do and the different types of nuns their are? I am sorry I know little about my calling and need some guidance.
    Thank you

  15. Madison, we are teachers, hospital chaplains, social workers, counselors, college professors, Pastoral Associates. We serve homeless women and children. Adults and children affected by or living with HIV/AIDS. We try to serve the people of the greater Mahoning Valley.

    We find relaxing opportunities as well as cultural activities…..concerts, movies, plays, museums as well as activites we can do at home.

    We were founded in 1535 in Brescia Italy by Saint Angela Merici.

  16. Hello my name is Madison. I am 12 years old (So I’m getting confirmed this year!)and I am doing a project on your order. I think you are all in all a very interesting order and I would like to know more.
    Are you teachers?
    What do you do for fun?
    Who founded your order?

    Thank you so much!
    P.S. (Ursuline nuns founded my school!- I.C. delta!)

  17. Theresa, get to know the Sisters who serve in your Diocese. They will be your best link. Blessings for your journey.

  18. Hello,
    My name is Theresa Nsubuga, widow with two grown up children. I would like to become part of any congregation of formerly married women/become nun. My interest is helping out on unwanted children. I’m stuck with a notion of helping out on unwanted bartered children.

  19. Hi i would like to become a nun. i have thought about it over and over again and have made up my mind…i live in Australia (South Australia) and i am Greek orthodox and don’t know where to get connections to get involved of becoming a nun..i would appreciate it if i can be guided to who i need to get in contact with as i am serious in devoting the rest of my life to jesus our savior..
    my email is:

    God Bless!!!

  20. Dear Sister, I believe I have been called to be a nun. I’ve been discerning for a year and a half and have visited several communities. Can you send me more information?

  21. I would also like any information on becoming a nun. I believe God is calling me. I am more than willing. Thank You.

  22. Querida Laura,
    Hola! Que bueno podemos comunicar por distancia. Estoy in Ohio en este comunidad de Ursulinas. Conozco Ursulinas? Somos internacional. Nuestra fundadora es Santa Angela Merici de Italia en 1535. Ella estaba una mujer muy impresiva en su contemplacion y accion. En principio las Ursulinas vivieron entre sus familias no en convento. Mientras por cambios en la iglesia las hijas de Angela comenzaron a vivir en comunidad. Hoy nuestra carisma es a vivir una vida consegrada por nuestra compromiso a oracion a servicio. No tenemos muchas escuelas pero nuestra atencion es mas entre los pobres. Por ejemplo, tenemos aqui en Youngstown, Ohio una proyecto, “Beatitude House”. Estamos dedicadas a mujeres y ninos que no tienen casas. Pueden vivir en apartamentos con muchas reglas. Ellas necesitan estudiar y progresar en su education. Hay una website si tiene interes a saber mas.
    Entonces si quere, podemos comunicar mas sobre nuestra estilo de vida. Estoy muy contenta con mucha paz en mi vida consagrada.

    En el espiritu de Santa Angela,
    Sister Norma

  23. Dear Alana,
    It seems like your faith in God is strong. Stay focused on your relationship with God and trust that God will show you the next step to take in your life. Do you know of the Ursuline Sisters in Brentwood, England? There are other areas in England where there are Ursulines also. It would be good for you to meet nuns in your area and learn more about their way of life.
    Sister Norma

  24. hi, I’m Alana Gregg, I’ve given up all hope of starting a family, and God is now my only pathway. I would love to become a nun but I don’t know where to start.. If anyone can help me, please contact me at

  25. Hola!!!! Mi inquietud por la vida consagrda ha iniciado desde muy pequeña, etudie en colegio de monjas y creo que desde ahi me he inclinado por la vida consagrada y me gustaria conocer más a fondo su carisma, espiritualidd y misión.

  26. Dear Sister Mary McCormick
    My name is Janine I’m 27 years old, raised Catholic never been married don’t have any kids. Ever since I can remember also had this thought in my head that I should became a nun. But always ignored it because I wanted to have my own family. I have a lot of issues painful things that has happened in my life, I suffer from depression tried to commit suicide. I not happy with life I fell empty and lonely inside.
    I can’t tell how happy I I’m that I found this website may be it is a sign from God I don’t. All I know is I want to be close to God and our loving savior Jesus . I want to devoted my whole life to God and to the needy. I know deep in my heart that God will take away all of my pain and give me peace. I really need your guidance. I’m a lost christen who is willing to give up all the material things to serve our God.
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    God bless…

  27. I am interested in becoming a nun or sister.

    Pls send information, if available.

    Thank you for the courtesy of your reply

  28. I would love to receive more information about becoming a nun. My heart, mind, and spirit have been profoundly drawn to this. I have always had a strong urge to pray everyday and help others. I have a relationship with God and I want it to continue to grow and flourish. May God bless you and keep you.

  29. ‘.’ I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives up to date information *-‘

  30. Dear Isabella,
    It sounds like you are being a good friend. If there is a Catholic Church nearby, that may be a good place to start. Someone there may be able to tell you where the nearest convent or monastery is. There are Ursuline Sisters in China.
    You may be able to locate them. I would suggest that you and your friend arrange a visit to a convent.

  31. Dear sisters,

    i am studing in china and i have had the oportunity of knowing a chinese girl who is very interested abut being a nun. she shared with me her feelings and what she said is inside her heart there is something who makes her happy, and everyday she thinks about GOD and it makes her happy.

    she asked me out for help and i really want to do it.
    she is 19 years old and is studing at the university
    i wait for your answer.

  32. Dear Sister,

    During my life the concept of being a nun has surfaces several times. I have even research numerous websites in order to get information. I am Catholic and has I read through the different questions the one that stuck-out was; Do you pray? When? How Often? I pray to God the majority of the day. While research I became aware that there was requirements to being a nun. I would appreciate if you let me know the requirements for Ursuline Sisters. Thank you!

    Linda Allen

  33. Hello, My name is Melinda and I am 20 yrs old. As a child I grew up as a baptist but never truely felt comfort in this path. I believe God wants me to serve him. He has been “knocking” at my door for a while now and I am readyy to follow him and what he comands of me. But to be completely truthful I dont know where to begin. I would love to devote my life to him and become a nun. I would love to know how to go about this and where to go. Please explain to me what the steps are to becoming this and figuring out what Im to do. Where must I go? And please remember me in your prayers!! Thank you so much.

  34. Can you all say prayers for me?

    I grew up Roman Catholic but quit going to church and praying because people are very mean to me for no reason that I can discern other than jealousy.

    I had a cousin’s wife be mean to me in church after she, a non Catholic, went to communion. That was the straw that broke my religion. Where is God when mean people do mean things to people for no apparent reason?

  35. Mary Ann Zareth I. Dolores

    Blessed day sister!
    I’m 30 yrs old,a licensed pharmacist but not happy on my career.It’s kind a weird but all I want is a simple life serving God and people without money involve,and I feel in my heart that God is calling me..
    As I remember when a was a child,every time my teachers ask me about my ambition I always told them I want to become a nun. God always knock on my heart but I’m ignoring it because I’m confused.I’m not braved enough.I don’t know where and when will I start.
    I always pray to God so that He will enlighten me..
    Please give me some piece of advice & include me in your prayers..

  36. Hello sister,
    I want to be a nun, it was my childhood ambition but parents forced to get married but i couldnot comeout of that thought. I am hindu indian and Newzealand citizen.I was studied in catholic school and influened by christ. I feel like it is call to to be come nun.
    please give me reply

  37. i am from kolkata.i want to become a nun for a long time.plz help mw out.i’ve already sent you a mail before writing in details why i wish to becone a nun.plz help me as soon as possible.

  38. Hello Sr. am Anne from Kenya and would like to know more about your congregation.I wish to discern my vocation with you.

    Thank you

  39. Sr. Anna Marie McCormick

    I saw a Sr. Mary McCormick on one of these posts. Good to see another religious McCormick! Send her my greetings.

  40. Hey, really loved this post! Great topic.

  41. Sr. Mary McCormick

    Hello Anastacia,
    Thank you for visiting our website. You’ve seen the questions we’ve posted here. The next step is to see how you respond to them. I have sent you an email directly. Get back to me for more information.

  42. I am interested in becoming a religious. I request for your guidance prayers and support.

  43. I’m inerested on becoming a nun what’s next

  44. Hello my name is Damyanti rawat and God is calling me.
    I always wanted to become a nun and I just turned 26 years old and I am ready to devote myself to God.
    Please contact me and let me know what do I need to start.

  45. Sister Norma Raupple

    Dear Sabrena,
    Continue responding to God’s love for you in your everyday life while you begin to learn about becoming a nun. Have you been in contact with a nun in your area? Have you inquired at your parish? I would be happy to keep in touch with you.

    Sister Norma Raupple OSU

  46. Dear Sisters,

    I want to become a nun as I want to know GOD more.

    I am from India and was searching ways to become a nun.

    Could you guide me , if you could what I mean to say

  47. Hello my name is Sabrena Parson and God is calling me.
    I always wanted to become a nun and I just turned 22 years old and I am ready to devote myself to God.
    Please contact me and let me know what do I need to start.

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