Author: Sister Therese Ann Rich

Transfigured Before Them

The story of the Transfiguration of Jesus in today’s gospel in one of the stranger stories in any of the Gospels. Jesus had a powerful “religious experience” at some point in his public life, an experience which had a profound effect on him and on the apostles who were with him. In the context of […]

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God Alone

Christians tell the same story over and over even though we know how it ends. We dread the execution even as we anticipate the resurrection. The wisdom of our tradition asserts that our path is not a line but a circle—or a spiral. As we turn from Epi­ph­any to Lent we leave the joy and […]

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The Bedrock of Our Life

Growing up on Lake Erie, one of our favorite past times was building sand castles on hundreds of yards of sand. When I think of sand castles at their best, I think of the sand castle building events each summer down at the beach where sand castle building enthusiasts were given a plot of sand, […]

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