Author: Sister Therese Ann Rich

Stop the Murmuring

Have you ever received this text on your smartphone: “POS”? Probably not! Not unless you are a teen! Sometimes young people murmur against their parents when they block something the youth want to do. This text:”Parents over shoulder”, warns their friend to be careful of what they text. Parents have the wisdom of experience; they […]

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Is God Calling Me To Be A Nun?

Several times a week, we encounter young women asking that very question. With each encounter we ask the young woman:   Do you experience……. • A Desire to live simply • An Ability to relate with a variety of   people, to be happy alone or in a group • A Joy in serving others in […]

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Give Us A Sign

It was a cold, wintry day and there was a stray in our back yard. My father cautioned us, “if you feed the stray, it will remember your act of kindness. It will keep coming back for more. So what begins as an act of kindness might become a nuisance. Are you willing to put […]

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