Author: Sister Therese Ann Rich

Christmas Thank You

Many, Many Thanks!   Throughout the year, family and friends help the Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown carry out the mission and ministry of St. Angela Merici. Your volunteerism and monetary donations assist in making a real, positive difference in the lives of thousands who are less fortunate in the Mahoning Valley. For all you do, […]

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There Will Be Signs

Adjustments are a fact of life! We make them all day long, usually without thinking about it! For example, adjusting the volume on the TV,radio or iPod; we adjust our schedule to accommodate someone in need.Other adjustments take more thought and energy and have far-reaching consequences. Moving, marrying, baptizing all bring adjustments. Even changing liturgical […]

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Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown Part of Mill Creek Park Event

Decorated Tree Mill Creek Park

Mill Creek Metroparks hosts an enchanting event each year, asking area nonprofit organizations to decorate dozens of Christmas trees in and around the Davis Center at Fellows Riverside Gardens. Once again, they’ve invited the Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown to participate.   The 51 trees on display will not only compliment this year’s theme: Winter Celebration […]

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Christ the King

When we were young, we had the time to indulge our imagination. We pretended to be famous, wealthy, powerful. Of course we grew up, but sometimes not out of those fantasies. In fact, multi-billion dollar industries are dedicated to making those dreams come true. But only for a while. And always for a price. Let’s […]

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When Lord?

Fig tree, When Lord?

Distress over the future again weaves itself through popular culture. After all, one wants to be left behind! (My apologies to Tim LaHaye). Uncertainty engulfs those on the fringe with paranoia and colors the majority with cynicism. So, what’s new? For the past two millennia, Christians have looked to the future and asked, “When, Lord, […]

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