Author: Sister Therese Ann Rich

Prayer At Ground Zero

Ground Zero lights at night

Since close to half of the residents of metropolitan New York are Catholics, it was inevitable that the response to a tragedy as great as the fall of the World Trade Center towers would often be expressed in the language of their faith.   It was expressed in the shrines that sprang up immediately after […]

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“Be Opened!”

“Blindness cuts you off from things,” said Tom, “But deafness cuts you off from people, and that’s a lot worse.” I learned a lot from listening to Tom.   “I was about fifteen,” he said “when I quite suddenly went totally deaf. I had feared blindness as a child but did not think that deafness […]

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Look Into Your Heart

“Go wash your hands before you eat”. How many parents don’t sound like broken record around meal time? Most often it is a case of hygiene, literally our hands were/are dirty. In our Gospel today, the case is different. Washing hands has nothing to do with literal dirt; rather it has to do with inner […]

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