Author: Sister Therese Ann Rich

When Lord?

Fig tree, When Lord?

Distress over the future again weaves itself through popular culture. After all, one wants to be left behind! (My apologies to Tim LaHaye). Uncertainty engulfs those on the fringe with paranoia and colors the majority with cynicism. So, what’s new? For the past two millennia, Christians have looked to the future and asked, “When, Lord, […]

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Widow’s Mite

widow's mite

What gifts or challenges do the poor, the homeless, or the suffering bring us? Sometimes we need to look at the world through different eyes. The poor give us this chance. Instead of looking at the rich and famous, we look at those less fortunate.   But the poor give us another chance to look […]

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Deepening Your Relationship With Christ: Sister Mary Alyce Koval’s Vocation Story

Sister Mary Alyce Koval

In our continuing series of Vocation Stories, short videos about the Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown Sister Mary Alyce Koval shares her experience on life as an Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown, what inspired her to become a nun, and offers advice on what you can do if you feel called to religious life. “I would encourage […]

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What Is Important?

Love never fails

What is the highest value of our culture? How does that single value arrange other values?  When we ignore the rhetoric and simply look at someone’s lifestyle (ourselves or others), we’ll soon learn the answer to the question: what’s most important? The question asks more than values. It points toward a life orientation. It helps […]

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That I Might See

Jesus heals a blind man

From a very young age we learn to see through the eyes of others. We learn to desire what we see. We desire what other people desire.   We learn to look from our parents, friends and culture. Through our parents we learn shame and approval, what is dirty or clean, what is beautiful, and […]

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