Author: Sister Therese Ann Rich

My Hour

From earliest childhood we have an innate sense that more is better, and we carry that into adulthood. We shy away from scarcity and gravitate toward plenty. We avoid want and embrace having. We seek to have savings, reserves, supplies, extras, storage bins. Of course, we can go overboard on abundance. Yet, we all know that just enough […]

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After the Waves, A Calm!

Visit our NEWEST BLOG: Siate Piazzavole: Be Like A Piazza. Maryann, who has been a Companion in Mission with us and is now deepening her connection with us will be blogging. Visit often. Engage in dialogue and be open to change and surprise. Here is her most recent entry After the Waves, A Calm.

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The Baptism of Jesus

Eighteenth-century English poet Alexander Pope once remarked that if we expect nothing, we shall never be disappointed. Such a low bar we might set for ourselves! Yes, great expectations might disappoint by blinding us to the good already in front of us, or leading us to future failure. Yet, it is better to risk disappointment than be stuck with […]

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