Author: Sister Therese Ann Rich

Salt and Light

The path to leadership is a hard one. True leaders are committed to a goal or a cause. They are also willing to sacrifice time, talent, and treasure for their passion. They gather as many followers by their example as by their ideals. In fact, many measure leaders’ goals and passion by their example. Do […]

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Blessed Are They

My nephew was about to “graduate” from kindergarten. He put on his paper mortarboard and marched with his class to the stage. As he received his “diploma”, Jason shook hands with his teacher. After the ceremony, we each said “Congratulations.” Jason looked at us and asked, “What does that mean?” His mom and dad answered, […]

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I decided this week to begin cleaning the closets and drawers in my bedroom, one at a time! And treasures are found. What I noticed is that I collect coffee cups and candles – cups in all shapes, sizes and candles of various fragrances. Some of the candles I have used on our dinner table […]

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Second Sunday In Ordinary Time

When members of my family introduce someone, they always give that person an automatic promotion. If she’s a doctor, they will exaggerate, introducing her as a brilliant surgeon. A teacher’s aide becomes a full professor. I am told that I do the same thing. I still turn an ordinary singer into a brilliant musician, a […]

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Where Is This Newborn King?

Adoration of Magi He, Qi

Remember the character Waldo, who dressed in a red and white striped shirt, wore a bobble hat and glasses, and could be found hiding in a crowd?  Wally, as he was known originally, is the creation of British illustrator Martin Handford, who first drew him in 1986, at the request of his art director at […]

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