LAUNDRYWhenever I call my sister, inevitably I ask her what’s happening! An inevitably, the reply is, “Laundry”. Seems Laundry is the daily hum-drum of life, or is it? Here’s a prayer that may change the routine into an occasion of God’s presence.
I find you so close to me right here, dear Lord. Surrounded by the dirt and scattered clothing of my family, I find this an ideal spot to pray with you. No one comes near here so it is quiet, and it gives me a chance to reflect on the many blessings of my life.As I pick up their clothing and sort it, I ask you to give each of them what is needed most in their lives.
I fill the washer with my husband’s shirts and socks, and ask that you bless him as he wears them to work each day. Give him the grace to see that his work is holy and open his eyes to see the sacredness of each moment of life.
As I sort the tiny socks or the overalls of the children, I smile and remember how blessed I am to have them in my life.
I sort the larger teenage clothing and wonder at how fast these clothes have become larger sizes – and how quickly children grow up. I ask your help as I guide them through each new phase of their lives.
Give me a love that is endless, a heart that forgives them and the humility to ask for their forgiveness when that is right. Help me keep them from danger, and help me to let go and trust you when it is time to do that.
I try so hard to be perfect but lead me to remember that it is here in the smudged, disorganized and disheveled part of life that I find you the nearest.
Thank you, dearest Lord, for so much grace in my life!
[resource: Creighton University: Online Ministries]  

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  1. Love it! My time cleaning and doing laundry is often my time to talk to God. Doing these necessary but not particularly mind-stimulating tasks allows me to fall into the habit of motions and put my mind and heart to good use!

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