the-parable-of-the-mustard-seed[1]Sometimes we have a smidgen of an idea, and when we respond to the prompting of the idea it begins to grow and become something concrete and practical. For example, redecorating a room might begin with a choice of color and grow from there. a birthday party might begin with an idea for a theme cake and grow from there. A garden plot might begin with one seed and grow from there. What begins small might end up quite large!
Jesus tells the disciples that even a smidgen of faith can achieve great things. How do we increase our faith? Faith increases through decisive obedience to what is commanded. How do we measure this kind of faith? We measure our faith by measuring our faithfulness. The faithful disciple of Jesus is never finished serving. The faith of a disciple is never finished increasing.
Faith is a way of life. Thus, the important thing to remember here is that faith is more a verb than a noun! Faith is expressed in the way we act. Faith is faithfulness. Faith is truly extraordinary, not in the acts we might do for God and others, but in terms of the consistent and enduring choices we make daily to act humbly, mercifully and justly, as well as being forgiving and reconciling. Faith is a way of living, a way of expressing our true selves such that we act toward others like Jesus has acted toward us. What increases our faith is faithfulness.
What is being faithful? Being servant of all. Faithfulness is confidence that God will fulfill God’s promise to us of salvation. Being faithful here and now is already living what heaven will be.


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  1. One of your lines particularly strikes a chord with me — “The faithful disciple of Jesus is never finished serving.”
    It reminds me of St. Angela, founder of the Ursuline Sisters, who promised to continue her work when she got to Heaven. Even when she moved to eternal rest, she wasn’t planning to rest, but to keep working for God!
    St. Angela was truly a model of faith and fidelity to the Gospel for us all.

  2. There is much in today’s Gospel that resonates in family life. In our daily attempts as parents to live up to the confidence and trust that our children place in us, we come to know the wonders that God can do with just a little faith. In family life we also learn about obligations that are their own rewards. The daily tasks that family members do for one another and for the household are simply the manifestations of our responsibilities to one another.

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