sem14_2Some of my friends, when they have tasks to do, make out a list and cross off each task as it is completed. they love to see their list of ten tasks now with just seven, now three, then almost complete. To give themselves a boost, they may prioritize the list and begin with the easiest jobs that are most quickly accomplished. Thus in the first hour of work, they may cross off four items and thus are given a boost of energy!
Our gospel today talks about labors, but, there is no list. There is no prioritizing to begin with easy tasks. Jesus sends us out on a challenging, difficult task. This task cannot be accomplished in a single day, but requires a lifetime of faithful labor.
Jesus sends the disciples out, and us, to plant the seed of the Good News and to harvest its fruit of peace and the in-breaking of the kingdom of God. The Kingdom is at hand because wherever the disciples are present and received, God is present and received. Despite the disciples facing rejection, their labor will bear fruit for it is God’s power that works through them. It is God’s work. For this divine power and presence, we rejoice.

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  1. Families teach a sense of togetherness and community. It is in the family that we learn that we are dependent on one another and where we learn to work together and live together. In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus sends out the 72 disciples in pairs, a sign that we are to work together to serve the mission of the Kingdom of God.

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