Sister Dorothy Kundracik recently received a master’s degree in Theology of the Universe from the Loyola University Extension (LIMEX) program offered through the Diocese of Youngstown at the Ursuline Motherhouse.The degree examines the story of creation – not just from the perspective of humankind, but of God’s hand in designing the entire universe.


“It was a challenge,” Sister Dorothy laughs. “But we’re supposed to be lifelong learners. This gives my mind something to chew on for the rest of my years.”


Sister Dorothy used her new found knowledge to design a cosmic walk of time through the universe for a retreat at The Ursuline Center, something she’d like to offer again.


At age 70, Sister Dorothy is a prime example of being a lifelong learner. She began study for this degree about the time she retired from her first career as an elementary school teacher – where she spent 40 years inspiring youngsters. She also holds a master’s degree in geography.


In fall 2007, Sister Dorothy started a new ministry with senior citizens. She’s currently the manager of the Lordstown site of SCOPE, or Senior Citizens’ Opportunity for Personal Endeavor.



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  1. Maryann, Companion in Mission 2012

    A life-long learner…and a life-time teacher as well. I enjoy listening to the stories Sister Dorothy has to tell. I learn so much from her.

    She describes her experience with the Crow people in Montana as an “exchange,” and that is how I felt during my stay with the Ursuline Sisters this summer. I shared my skills and interests with them, and they shared their faith and wisdom with me. Sister Dorothy is a great example of how vibrant the Ursuline community continues to be.

  2. What a great inspirational story. I feel better about starting college @ age 51 after retiring from the US Coast Guard.

    Sister Dorothy recently gave the invocation and benediction at my retirement ceremony.

    What a blessing she is to us all.


    Craig Paige

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