Sister Mary Ann Coz lives at the Ursuline Motherhouse at 4250 Shields Rd. where she has been engaged in hard work as well as enjoyment in caring for the gardens and wildlife.  Religious Life is a life-long way of life and a permanent commitment.  A woman brings herself as she is with her unique gifts and temperament and throughout her life she responds to many opportunities, changing needs and evolving situations.  Her  relationships along the way also shape her life.  Her life is enriched by being part of a religious community as she continues to respond to God’s love.  Sister Mary Ann tells about how she has experienced meaning and fulfillment as an Ursuline Sister.


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  1. Thank you. Be assured of our continued prayers for you. You are engaged in a serious discernment process. Pray to listen t God’s call in your life. You might want to find sisters in your area who will share their life, their journey with you.

  2. AngeletteRobertson

    Hi, I am Angelette Robertson and I have been thinking about becoming a nun. I think about it off and on throughout the years. …. I ended up staying with these missionaries who became my mentors as well as friends. I have always wanted to know about missions so this was my opportunity and it was the most wonderful time yet challenging time for me.

    My background consist of working with many diverse populations such as people with addictions, homelessness, at risk youth, prison population, and any other population you can think of. I myself have experienced homelessness…. 20 years ago I promised the Lord I would go any where He sent me, and it has been a long, lonely, and hard road. I just want my life to mean something to God. I want to make a positive difference in people’s lives. I do not want to think about me anymore. Thank you for taking the time to read my message and may you continually be blessed and please pray for me. I desperately need to know what, where, how, and when the next move will take place.

    Angelette Robertson

  3. There are a varielty of volunteer opportunites here in Youngstown, Ohio, especially in the summer.
    There is also a Lent Retreat scheduled for March 24-25.

  4. Sister Norma Raupple

    We offer a variety of ways that you can volunteer with us in our Ministries. We also have retreat opportunities that may be helpful to you. These would be ways that you can get to know some of the Ursuline Sisters.

  5. We suggest a couple of steps…in your prayer ask God to give you direction in discerning this desire to become a nun. Secondly, you might want to get to know a few nuns in your location, see what their life entails, talk with them, volunteer with them.

    Be assured of our prayers for your journey.


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