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With the new year, the Ursulines usher in the 475th anniversary of our foundation by Angela Merici.

Angela founded her company in Brescia, Italy (more recently famous as the home town of Pope Paul VI) to enable women to live consecrated lives in their own homes and keeping their occupations. At a time when women were expected to choose between a husband or a cloistered life, it was a daring move! As the company required no dowry, it was open to women of all social backgrounds.

Today we give thanks for those who have gone before us and ask the blessings of the Holy Spirit on our future.


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  1. Sr. Mary McCormick

    Thanks for your comment, Linda. Your project sounds spot on relative to having Ursuline High School move into the 21st century with the charism of St. Angela. With your work, the faculty and students are becoming increasingly imbued with the spirit of St. Angela. The young people can keep the spirit of Angela alive through the 500th anniversary!

  2. Linda Lucarell Miller

    I am not an Ursuline Sister, but rather a teacher at Ursuline High School/Youngstown. I am planning, implementing and writing a doctoral project on the Merician Charism at Ursuline High School, Youngstown, OH. This project will become part of my work on a Doctor of Ministry degree at St. Mary’s Seminary, Cleveland, Ohio.
    I am examining the Charism, expressed through RESILIENCE and HOSPITALITY and how it affects the spiritual and religious dimension of adolescent growth and development. How are we, Ursuline High School, a “Safe Harbor” for teens?
    As Liturgy Coordinator, I will be directing the student led Liturgy Committee in celbration of the 475th Anniversary at the all-school Prayer Service on Jan. 27th. Mr. Ed Victor is incorporating the 475th Anniversary into a new Ursuline High School banner for Liturgical use at school and to be carried at the cathedral Chrism Mss and for Baccalaureate. Soli Deo Gloria!

  3. We as part of the Roman Union Ursulines of the United States are planning a celebration for our many friends, colleagues and families on October 2, 2010 in New Rochelle, NY. We plan to have a beautiful ritual commerating the anniversary and a celebration to follow. We are also having an anniversary mass on November 20th at the College of New Rochelle Chapel.

  4. How will the Ursulines be celebrating the 475th Anniversary of their foundation?

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