Millcreek Children’s Center is a preschool for children ages three to five serving the Youngstown, Ohio area since 1976. Sister Jerome Corcoran, the Executive Director, has her Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University in Research and Education. She has been the Director and founder of the Center since its beginning, 33 years!

Denise DeBartolo York, who along with her husband, John York, own the San Francisco 49ers, visited the Millcreek Children’s Center on Wednesday December 23, 2009, with her son, Jed, and daughters Jenna and Mara to give presents to the children.

“I’m so gratified to be able to do what I love, and I love making a difference in the lives of children,” said DeBartolo York, who has given gifts to children at the center for the past 20 years.  Click here to read the full article


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  1. Thank you for your commitment to our youngest citizens. As we know, education is a hand up out of poverty. Thank you for your continued presence in the heart of the city.

  2. We are grateful, not only for the contributions of the DeBartolos and York families, but also for the work Sr. Jerome and Sr. Mary Dunn do every day at Millcreek Children’s Center and the Youngstown Community School. This ongoing educational presence on the south side of Youngstown for over 3 decades has had a positive influence on the lives of thousands of families. May that tradition of education and giving continue into 2010.

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