This Sunday’s Gospel is about leaps, too. But these leaps are of a different kind. Bartimaeus takes a great leap of faith. He may not have been able to see, but he had trust in Jesus because he knew who Jesus was. When Jesus called, Bartimeaus came without hesitation to where Jesus stood. His faith in Jesus not only gained him his physical sight, but his leap of faith brought him even more than he asked for- his faith was confirmed and he was saved.

Faith is the insight of action when we pursue who Jesus is for us, when we allow him to heal us, when we faithfully follow him. When we reach out to those in need, we are doing our faith. When we take time to call out to God, we are being our faith. When we speak boldly to Jesus of our needs and say to him, “I want to see”, we are really asking to follow him unreservedly as disciples. Faith is the insight to action.

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