When Sister Betty Schuster went to college, she pursued a career in education.  After a decade in Catholic Schools , the school in Long Island where she was teaching closed in the early 1990s.  Betty then decided to spend a year in volunteer service in Youngstown, OH.  Part of her volunteer time was spent in Catholic schools.  But she also began to volunteer at Beatitude House, a program for homeless women and their dependent children.

One year of volunteer service turned into two years; and two years have turned into a lifetime.  She entered the Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown in 1994 and made her perpetual profession of vows in 2000.

Not only did Sister Betty move from New York to Ohio, she changed careers, and in a dramatic way.  What had begun as a extra volunteer ministry has turned into a full time job.  Sister Betty currently serves the Assistant Director of Beatitude House.

One of her responsibilities as Assistant Director is to oversee the various sites where the families live.  The site in Warren OH has just completed a $1.5 million renovation.  Our Sister Betty served as the Construction Site Coordinator for the project.

“I never thought of myself as working in construction.  But I have always liked really getting involved in a project” said Sr. Betty.  This “really getting involved” has meant meeting weekly with the construction workers and architect, overseeing the progress of the building, and preparing the space for occupancy for seven new families.

Sr. Betty Schuster on Stilts Inspecting at the newly-renovated House of Blessing in Warren

These are families that have been homeless.  Now in this House of Blessing, the name given to each of the housing sites operated by Beatitude House,  mothers will get the education and support they need to help themselves move from homelessness to permanent housing, and children will live in a stable environment that will nurture their development.

By the way, the dedication of the new space is this Friday, September 25, 2009 at 2:30 p.m.  You can find it at 1370 Tod Ave, NW in Warren OH.  An Open House will continue until 5:00 p.m.


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  1. Congratulations Betty!! Looks like the ceilings will hold up with your help. Keep up the good work for the Lord and these wowen and children who need you.

  2. What you do for a living is very important. Everyone needs to enjoy the day-to-day activity, but also be able to accept the difficult parts of the job. It sounds like Sister Betty clearly enjoys her vocation, including the challenges.

    I worked in the computer & engineering field the majority of my life and truly enjoyed the work and challenges. Most days I couldn’t wait to get to the office.

    I am retired now and when I reflect back, I wish that my career choice would have a significant element of helping others. Sister Betty work at the Beatitude House has that element.

    Sister Betty – Congratulations on the construction project that truly helps other people.

  3. Sister Norma Raupple

    I congratulate Sister Betty the Beatitude House staff in Warren as they finalize the construction phase and begin prepare the new apartments and children’s playrooms for new families. All Ursuline Sisters are proud of Beatitude House which is commiitted to disadvataged women and children.

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