The Ursulines are celebrating Jubilee this summer with six nuns who have been in the community for 50 years.  That is 300 years of service to the church and the people of God.  The sisters celebrating Jubilee this year include:  Sister Nancy Dawson, Sister Mary Ann Diersing, Sister Mary Dunn, Sister Elizabeth Anne Freidhoff, Sister Dorothy Kundracik, and Sister Bridget Nolan.  Look for information about each of these sisters on our website.
Here are a few pictures taken at the Jubilee celebration.


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  1. With Google’s latest update, the link was broken. We have used a work around.

  2. I wasn’t able to see the Jubilee pictures. Dorothy K.
    Were they removed?

  3. Thanks for the pictures. It shows the breadth of the contacts the Ursulines make in Northeast Ohio and beyond. Some of our guests were from Oklahoma, Georgia, New York, Minnesota, Oregon as well as all over the state of Ohio.
    Congratulations again to the Jubilarians!

  4. Tree, I liked the slide show, but think it was a bit long. I liked all the shots of the jubiliarians, but not the random group pictures of unnamed guests in the church and hall. Thanks for all the work. I also liked the biographies.

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