Do you wonder if God might be calling you to be a Catholic nun or sister?

If you have…

  • A burning passion for Gospel service, especially with the disadvantaged
  • An ability to take initiative and generate change
  • A spirit of flexible adaptation
  • A concern for families

Then the Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown are who you want to meet!

The Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown promise a prayerful, supportive  community centered in Christ, the Scriptures, and Eucharist. We are willing to share our lives and our values with women who are interested in permanent vowed community life. COME AND SEE!

Becoming a nun or sister is a journey. Let us walk with you. Call Sister Norma Raupple at 330-261-4729. Visit our page with information on how to Become A Nun. Get to know us by reading about Our Life and Ministries. You’ll see why Vowed Religious Life is a valid, valued and vibrant option for the 21st century!